Illegal Surveillance

  • Privacy Laws Vs. Surveillance Needs

    Privacy Laws Vs. Surveillance Needs
    Hidden cameras invade most the aspects of our life now. (…)

  • Illegal Video Surveillance in the Home

    Illegal Video Surveillance in the Home
         Video surveillance is mostly legal in the US.  There are, however, exceptions that may get you in trouble if you aren't familiar with them.  Illegal video surveillance in the home can occur if you have set up a covert surveillance system in a room you are renting to someone, or in any room where people are likely to be undressed.  The bedrooms and bathrooms are not a good place to set up video surveillance and really, there shouldn't be a need to do so in these areas. (…)

  • Surveillance and the Law | What Is Legal And Illegal Surveillance

    Surveillance and the Law
    Surveillance systems are not only designed to catch people commiting illegal acts such as robbery or vandalism, they may also be used to catch those doing wrong in other forms. (…)

  • Legality of Surveillance Cameras | What Is Illegal Surveillance

    Legality of Surveillance Cameras | What Is Illegal Surveillance? —-Who Uses Surveillance These Days
    The usage of video surveillance systems have increased dramatically over the last 10 years. (…)


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